Your nickel allergy doesn’t have to result in allergic reactions – let NIK-L-BLOK protect your skin.

In a world where we encounter nickel in our everyday lives through both objects and surfaces, avoiding nickel is extremely difficult. The best and most common advice that medical professionals have been able to give to their allergic patients up until now has been to “avoid nickel” in order to stay clear from allergic reactions. At Chemotechnique Cosmeceuticals, we are about to change this! Guided by the insight that even though nickel allergy is a chronic condition, allergic reactions are preventable, we are introducing our nickel barrier cream NIKLBLOK to the everyday skincare routine of allergic individuals.

NIKLBLOK is the world’s first patented, active barrier cream that encapsulates nickel ions, blocking them from penetrating the skin when in contact with metal objects. Active ingredients work effectively to protect the skin both internally and externally, preventing allergic reactions such as eczema, dryness, blisters, redness, and itching to develop. NIKLBLOK is our contribution to everyday life where the prospect of coming into contact with nickel is not a source of stress and anxiety.

Proudly introducing NIKLBLOK: the most innovative barrier cream on the global market.

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